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Step 3: Register for TutorTrac!

  1. You can pick up a current registration form at the Learning Center on the Albany, Benton, or Lebanon Center campuses. For convenience, you can also print out a form here Registration Form. However, you must complete the registration form each quarter.

  2. Upon receiving your completed form, the Information Counter staff in the Learning Center will set up your Tutortrac account. You will receive an instructional sheet for scheduling appointments. The instruction sheet can also be found here Tutortrac Instruction Sheet.

  3. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a copy of our program agreement and guidelines for your own records. You can find a copy of those here LBCC Tutoring Progam and Writing Center Registration Agreement Guidelines.

    You will not be able to access Writing Center services until you have come into one of the Learning Centers and completed the registration process with us. If you have questions about how to make and cancel appointments, come by the Writing Center and one of our staff will assist you or call/email Victoria Fridley, Writing Center Coordinator, at 541-917-4708 or