Step 1: 4 Ways to Use Your Writing Center

 If you are currently enrolled in a credit class, you are already set-up with an account in TutorTrac which allows you to check in at our computer kiosk and to schedule 30-minute appointments. We have three convenient ways to use our services; whatever system works best for you, we look forward to working with you! 

Drop-in Sessions:

You can have a one-on-one drop-in session with a Writing Assistant. 

  • Use your student ID number to sign in to our computer kiosk.
  • Put your name on the white board Drop-In Waiting List.
  • When you are done using the Writing Center, please sign out of our computer kiosk with your student ID number.
  • If we are busy, we keep our drop-in sessions 20 minutes long in order to help everyone in a timely manner. The number of drop-in sessions you can have is unlimited, within reason. 

30-minute Appointments:

You can make a 30-minute appointment with a Writing Assistant on TutorTrac.

  • If you are a credit-bearing student, you can sign in to TutorTrac using your student ID number as your user name. Your password will be your birthday in a year/month/day (yyyy/mm/dd) format.
  • Select “Writing Center Albany” to make an appointment with us.
  • Appointments are limited to 1 appointment per day and 3 appointments per week.  If you need more assistance, you can combine appointments with drop-in services and the Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  • For every appointment, remember to sign in and sign out on the Writing Center computer kiosk.

Online Writing Lab (OWL):

You can submit your writing to us online and receive a written response within 48-72 hours.

  • Be Aware that writing submitted on the weekend will not be assigned until Monday morning, so plan for weekend OWL submissions to take extra time.
  • Go to and click on “Online Writing Lab (OWL)” to use the OWL. Further instructions are provided on the OWL webpage.
  • We do not limit the number of times you can submit papers to the OWL.

Your Writing Space:

You are welcome to sit and work in the Writing Center whether or not you want to have a session with a Writing Assistant.

  • We strive to make our Writing Center a comfortable and inspiring place to work.
  • Our space offers the following resources: Computers, headphones, printer, and scanner; pencils, pens, crayons, and notepads; textbooks, style guides, and other reading material; informative handouts and worksheets; a standing desk; and, of course, the most comfortable chair on campus!
  • Please sign in on our computer kiosk so we can keep track of how many students are using our resources.