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Sarah Mosser

All of the Writing Center staff enjoy working with ELL students and can assist you with writing structure, content, and basic grammar and punctuation.  However, our ELL Specialist, Sarah Mosser, can help ELL students with more difficult grammar rules and to provide a series of sessions, if desired.  You can make a 30-minute appointment with Sarah through our TutorTrac or just drop-in at a time that works for you.

 I’m Sarah, and I’m the English Language Learner Specialist here in the Writing Center. I am also teaching some courses here, including WR90 and ALS100. Before I came to LBCC, I received an M.A. in English Rhetoric and Composition from Oregon State University and a B.S. in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Lancaster Bible College.

Throughout my education, I’ve learned to appreciate a variety of different types of reading. I love studying theology and ecclesiology and examining such topics under historical light. When I read, I always have a pen in hand and a notebook in front of me and fill the pages with everything that I’m learning and want to reflect on later. As such, my notebook is almost always with me! Besides theology, I frequently explore books on the English language and grammar, analyzing, again, the historical perspectives of why we speak the way we do, why we view some speech as “acceptable” and other speech as not, and how we view other speech patterns that are different from our own. I use this understanding to help inform my practices in ELL studies.

Although I believe that reading opens my horizons to new perspectives, I am a firm believer in writing to learn. I believe that writing is one of the best ways to come to a deep understanding of an issue or subject and to make an idea one’s own. I also love to dialogue with people who see the world differently than me. I find that challenges to my worldview only help me grow as a reader, a teacher, and a person. 

At home, I have an infant son, who is currently more interested in chewing on books than reading them, but we're working on that. Like his parents, he is building quite the library. 

The Writing Center now offers brochures that focus on specific areas of grammar, punctuation, organization, and research that can often be challenging to English language learners.  You can pick up these brochures in the Writing Center or download what you need (below). Sarah Mosser, the ELL Instructional Specialist for the Albany campus Writing Center, designed each brochure to offer explanations, examples, and practice questions. You are welcome to come into the Writing Center to have your answers checked and to answer questions you might have.

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