Tutoring Subject Areas

We offer tutoring in a wide variety of courses offered at LBCC. 

Subjects can vary from term to term.  A comprehensive list of subjects currently offered is here, Subject List - Spring Term 2018

If you do not see the subject you are looking for, please submit a request here (Note- LBCC email address required): Subject Tutor Request Form

We cannot guarantee a tutor will be successfully recruited and hired, but we will do our best.

It takes, on average, about two weeks to recruit, hire, and train new tutoring staff. While we are working through this process, you can use the following study strategies for success in your course:

  • Working together with another student from your class
  • Forming a study group with fellow students from class
  • Utilizing your instructor's office hours
  • Check out our, Additional Campus Resources Page and our Tutor Recommended Resources
  • Ask around! Your classmates and instructor may have found some great online resources you can take advantage of