Step 1: Know the Tutoring Program Guidelines

  • All appointments are scheduled through our on-line appointment system, Tutortrac.
  • Appointments are scheduled at least twenty-four hours in advance.  You may schedule up to three, 50 minute sessions per week. 
  • Appointments are reserved for individual tutoring.  If you are interested in group tutoring, there may be a TASS session for your class, check here: TASS
  • Tutoring is a limited resource.  For this reason, although you have up to three sessions per week, we ask that you only schedule one session per day, per tutor and/or subject.  If you schedule more than one appointment with the same tutor, or for the same subject, we will automatically cancel one- most typically the later of the two, but depending on program needs, this is up to the discretion of the Tutor Coordinator
  • Please keep track of your appointments.  You are responsible for keeping the appointments you make.
  • If you cancel an appointment less than 2 hours ahead of time, or fail to show up, you will lose tutoring for 2 weeks.  This happens after ONE no show appointment, or late cancellation.  Your privileges will be restored two weeks from the date of your missed appointment.  You can ask the Tutor Coordinator for the date you will be able to make appointments again.
  • Please make every effort to limit your cancellations.  Your tutor has made a commitment to be there for you, and the cancellation may occur too late to be filled by another student.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, do so at least two hours ahead of the appointment time, preferably twenty-four.  Ways to cancel your appointment:
    1. On-line, using Tutortrac
    2. In person at the Learning Center
    3. Call the Learning Center Information Counter, (541) 917-4684.  You can leave a message if we are closed or away from the desk.    


Next Step: Know Your Responsibilities