Math Angle

Summer Term Hours:
     Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
     Fridays - Closed
     Saturdays - Closed

The Math Angle is a place to develop and practice effective learning and problem solving strategies so that you have the ability and confidence to do well in math classes on your own.

Our Mission:

To assist students to become successful and independent learners by improving both their study skills and their mathematical abilities.

How staff will work with you:

  1. We will ask you what you've already tried and what you're struggling with.
  2. We will use your math book and your class notes to sugggest possible new methods to learn math concepts.
  3. We will offer ideas to improve your general study skills: how to take better notes, read your textbook, prepare for tests, etc.

What we are not:

  1. We are NOT a place to have questions answered quickly.  The Math Help Desk is a better choice for these types of questions.  We prefer you figure our the solutions yourself.
  2. We are NOT a substitute for your math class.  Successful students attend every class.  If you have missed class, we will not be able to get you caught up in the short time we have to work with you.  Schedule a time with your instructor, check out DVDs from the LBCC library, or work with classmates.

Look here, for the Math 65 videos, as an additional resource.