How can I improve my study strategies?

Too often, students think that studying is simply rereading the textbook or classnotes and making a few flashcards of what they want to remember.  But when you want information to stay with you for the long term, it is important for you to become an ACTIVE LEARNER.  This means that you will want to learn how to take notes that transform into amazing study tools that give you practice understanding and reciting what you want to remember. 

Try one new study strategy from this webpage today and see if it works for you!

Try being an Active Learner
(Why be an Active Learner?  To understand and remember the material. )
> Active learning  

Try flashcards
> index cards
> concept picture cards
> digital cards 

Try taking notes
> From lecture
> Maps/Graphs/Charts

Try new approaches to reading textbooks
> Reading critically
> Pre-reading strategies
> SQ3R reading method
> Reading difficult material
> Speed and comprehension