Step 2: What to expect when working with Instructional Specialist-ELLs

The goal of the Instructional Specialists for English Language Learners (IS-ELLs) is to help students feel more confident in their ability to use English.

What IS-ELLs Can Do:

  • IS-ELLs can help you with the English-language skills you need to complete assignments for most classes. We can help you with reading, writing, speaking, listening, English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and making citations.
  • We can help you understand your assignment instructions better.
  • We can work with you on developing better study skills, time management skills, or understanding academic culture.
  • We can also help you with tasks that are not for a class, like studying for TOEFL or IELTS, writing an application or scholarship essay, writing an email or letter, or using a computer.

What IS-ELLs Cannot Do:

  • We cannot promise you that your assignment will have no mistakes.
  • We are experts in English, but not in other majors. If you do not understand the content from your class, it would be better to talk to your instructor or make an appointment with a tutor for that subject at the Tutoring Center in the Learning Center.
  • We cannot stamp your paper if you do not meet with us. Some instructors give extra credit for working with an IS-ELL. We are happy to stamp your paper, but you must meet with us first.
  • We cannot edit an assignment that you drop off and pick up later. We work with you to improve your skills and fix problems in your assignments.
  • IS-ELLs cannot guess what grade your instructor will give you--only your instructor knows that! We can help you come up with ideas on how to talk to your instructor if you need them.

What Students Bring to Our Partnership:

  • Sign in and out every time you used the ELL Nook or Writing Zone; it is important for us to know how many students are getting help from the IS-ELLs.
  • Make your appointment ahead of time. Many students have assignments due at the same time, and we want to help as many people as possible. When the term is busy, appointments will fill up quickly.
  • When you come to the ELL Nook or Writing Zone, it is helpful to bring your assignment instructions with you; if you want to work on a paper you have written, bring a printed copy.
  • Know what you want to work on during your appointment. We will ask what your questions are, but we may not have time to answer all of them during an appointment. Usually we work on big problems first, like organization and ideas before working on smaller grammar problems.
  • Visit the ELL Nook or Writing Zone often during the term. We can help you with questions you have on an assignment whether you are just starting, still working, or almost finished.
Thank you for coming to us for help--we constantly learn from you and always enjoy working together!