Coldiron and Hans: Women in Welding

Welder 1Barbara Coldiron
AAS, Welding Technology
Roberts High School, Salem, 2009 graduate

Taking a TIG welding class in high school gave Barbara a taste of what would later become her career choice. After high school, Barbara worked in the medical field for a time, but came back to learn more about what she really loved doing; welding.

“Welding is really fun, and LBCC has one of the best welding programs in the country. It actually looks harder than it is. I like working with my hands, and find this type of work very rewarding."

Barbara plans to work as a TIG welder for local industry, with a long-term goal to become a metallurgist, working with the different components of metal.

Zoe HansZoe Hans corrected
AAS, Welding Technology
Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis, 2013 graduate

Zoe learned her first TIG welding skills as a member of her high school robotics team. She started college with the goal of earning a biology degree, but decided it wasn’t for her. Since she really liked welding in high school, Zoe changed her major to welding technology.

"Welding has different components to it. It’s challenging on several levels: artistic, physical and intellectual. LBCC’s program lays down a good foundation that you can build on, and you can go multiple ways with your career.”

Zoe plans to work as a TIG welder, with a long-term goal to continue her education and become a weld inspector.