What You Need to Know

What you can expect from the class:

Taking online courses requires you to mostly learn on your own - without the benefit of a teacher to explain. Your instructor will answer your questions through email, but you teach yourself using the textbook. 

How to work in an online math class:

    • Read the material and do the homework (math help is available at all LBCC Learning Centers)
    • Take the online quiz for each section
    • Study for the test
    • Take the online review test quiz
    • Request a "ticket" from your instructor so that you can take the test
    • Take the ticket to an LBCC Learning Center or math proctoring site, bring a pencil and paper

Be sure to read your class syllabus for information on the minimum score required on all quizzes. If you need

What is expected of you:

Reading Level: Due to the amount of reading required in class, it's recommend that your reading score on your placement test be at RD115. If your reading score is lower, or you're wondering if this is the best way for you to learn, please email your instructor.

Computer Skills: You must be comfortable using a computer, the Internet, and email. Successful students study frequently to stay organized and on schedule. You'll need to be self-motivated and study regularly.