Materials You Will Need

Class Textbook

  • MTH 20, MTH60, and MTH 65: shrink-wrapped book by the LBCC Math Department.
  • MTH 95: regular math textbook

Online Class materials packet

  • Shrink-wrapped packet of papers with homework assignments, test reviews and other information. NOTE: Packet is different from the classroom-based class packet.


  • Check the syllabus for your class to make sure you get the correct type of calculator (basic, scientific, or graphing). You can rent a graphing calculator from the college Bookstore if you don't wish to purchase one.

Access to Course Software

  • MTH95 students need to purchase either a new textbook with an access code for My Math Lab or a used textbook and then purchase the access code online for a fee. (MTH20, MTH60, and MTH65 students do not need an access code, and can purchase new or used textbooks.)

Check your class syllabus for any additional course materials. Class syllabus can be found in the Online Orientation Process.