Limerick Contest


Enter the Math Department's
during Math Awareness Week


  • Your limerick must have 5 lines. Lines 1, 2 and 5 must rhyme and have 3 beats each. Lines 3 and 4 must rhyme and have 2 beats each.
  • You may enter up to three limericks, but may only win one prize.
  • There will be two divisions : Staff and Students. You may enter only one division.
  • Your limericks must be submitted to the gracious staff at the testing counter in the Learning Center, LRC 210, between 7:30 AM May ...... and 8:00 PM May ........
  • Limericks will be judged on form, originality, math content, humor and appeal.
    The judge's decision will be final. ;-)
  • Prizes will be awarded Friday afternoon in the Learning Center, LRC 210. Winners' names and their limericks will be posted there!

The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

The Fundamental Theorem applies
To integers regardless of size.
From building block primes,
To choose many times,
'Tis uniquely arithmetic's prize.