Learning Center


Second Floor of Willamette Hall - Entrance on Courtyard side

  Welcome to the Learning Center! Please check each service area for the hours of operation. The Learning Center provides students with academic support and a comfortable place to study.

A Word About Checking In and Out

To use the Learning Center, students need to check in and out on the computers located next to the entry. The process is quick: type in your student ID number and press the Enter key. The system will flash your name on the screen to verify that you are checked in. Then you may proceed to whatever area you want to work in. When you leave the Learning Center, check out using the same procedure.  

Checking in and out helps to keep these services available, and we really appreciate your cooperation!


  • Math Assistance
  • Calculator Checkout: Learning Center Borrowing Rules
  • Computer Lab and computer support
  • Testing for Developmental Studies and Mathematics classes
  • Individual tutoring by appointment
  • Math Angle
  • Tutor-Assisted Study Support (TASS) - group tutoring for targeted courses
  • Writing Center for help on papers for any class
  • Mini-courses for vocabulary improvement, notetaking, & test-taking skills
  • Individual assistance for college reading and study skills courses

Computers, calculators, headphones, paper cutter, hole punch, staplers, and a coin operated copy machine are available for your use.


Our goal is to help you meet your goal.


The Learning Center is an informal, open study area, with tables and chairs, study carrels, good lighting, and dry erase white boards. Students can spread out their books and papers on our big tables, study with others or just sit in a study carrel and review their class notes. There are two study rooms that can be reserved for up to two hours a day. 

Lots of students share this space, so please follow these guidelines:

  • Feel free to eat and drink while you study (except in the Computer Lab), but clean up after yourself.
  • Turn off cell phone ringers, and take your cell phone conversations outside.
  • Group study is welcome and encouraged. Please keep the noise level down.
  • Only use computers and printers for academic purposes.
  • Keep childrens' visits to a minimum and, for their safety, never leave them unsupervised.
  • Children are not allowed in the Computer Lab or Testing.
  • Tobacco products of any kind are not allowed in the Learning Center.

Our diverse and able staff is prepared to answer questions you may have about Learning Center services and other campus resources. We are here to help you--please ask!