Courses in Mathematics at LBCC

The courses offered by LBCC Mathematics Department include transfer courses and non-transfer courses. With input from other departments, the department has tailored a number of non-transfer courses to fit the needs of various groups of students. As the needs of various transfer programs have changed over the years, the department has added, deleted or changed courses to fit those needs. The department has developed a unique set of non-transfer algebra courses and a survey course that meet the AMATYC standards of including technology, statistics, geometry and real applications at that level. Those courses also include at least four hands-on lab activities that help students see the practical use of the algebra.

Below is a list of courses with a brief description for each, the course number and the number of credits. MTH050 through MTH095 are minimum competency courses. Prerequisites must be met or the placement test must indicate readiness for the course. Refer to the current catalog for more details.

Non-transfer courses:

  • MTH015  Math Fast Track (5 cr)  Math Fast Track is an Emporium-style math class that meets 5 hrs a week in a computer lab, led by an instructor. Class attendance is mandatory. Students will be working on computer software that covers material from Math 050 thru Math 095 (depending on the math level that the student enters the class at and the level that the student is trying to complete). Math Fast Track is an asynchronous course in that students in the same class are working on different skills at the same time. Students will be working on on-line homework and taking proctored on-line tests. Math Fast Track offers a student the chance to improve their math placement more than one level in one term. Math Fast track is designed for students who need to take several math courses before entering a program, students who have seen the material before and need to "fill in the gaps." At the end of Math Fast Track each student will be assigned a new math placement determined by their on-line tests scores. Recommended: students should be familiar with computers.






Transfer Courses: