GED Preparation

Students under 18 years old wishing to enroll in GED preparation classes at LBCC have two possible options for enrollment. Both options require a meeting with their high school counselor or if home schooled, the Education Service District.

The Campus High School Program form keeps the student connected to the high school through weekly attendance and progress reports submitted by LBCC to the high school. The high school agrees to pay a prearranged fee for the student's participation in the GED preparation class and the student's GED test fee is paid for by the high school. See your high school counselor for further information.

The Exemption from Compulsory Attendance form exempts the student from mandatory school attendance (OAR 581-43-600). No attendance or progress is reported to the high school and all fees are the responsibility of the student. The exemption form can be picked up at the local school district office and needs to be signed by the parent and a high school representative.

Get information about the GED program.

Quick Facts:
Do I need to apply for admission? No, but you do need to file an Underage Enrollment form, an Exemption from Compulsory Attendance form, or Home School paperwork.

Do I have to meet a certain age requirement? Yes, GED preparation students must be at least 16 years old.

Do I need to pre-register for the GED preparation class? No, but students beginning GED preparation must first attend an orientation. Get information about the orientation schedule. 

Is a referral or permission required? Yes, an underage student must have an Underage Enrollment form, an Exemption from Compulsory Attendance form, or Home School paperwork.

What is the cost? There is a $30 enrollment fee required after the student has completed orientation but before they can attend preparation classes.

Where are the GED preparation classes held? LBCC has classes at Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, and Sweet Home. Get information about the GED prep classes.

Whom should I contact if I have more questions? Call the campus nearest you: Albany (917-4710), Corvallis (757-8944), Lebanon (259-5800) and Sweet Home (367-6901)