Any LBCC Course

Registering For Any LBCC Course While Still In High School
The college offers two types of classes. Students can take non-credit, community education courses for personal interest such as Driver Education, Tractor Safety, and Cajun Cooking. Students can also take credit classes that count toward a degree. 

High school age students are encouraged to enroll in LBCC credit courses to complement their high school courses and get an early start on a college degree. Most high schools count college credit classes toward a high school diploma.

If you're under 18, haven't completed high school, don't hold a GED certificate, and interested in taking credit classes, you must submit a Campus High School Program form and get approval from the high school or education service district before you can take classes. Check out the Campus High School Program website for information.

(If you are considering enrollment at Oregon State University following high school graduation, you may want to visit the LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership Website.) 

The Campus High School Program form is not required for non-credit, community education courses . Students under 18 do need permission from the instructor. For a complete list of non-credit classes go to and click on "Select a Report Type" for the list of classes.

For questions contact: Campus High School Program Office, 541-917-4236, or email