Adult High School Diploma

The Adult High School Diploma offered through Linn-Benton Community College meets all requirements for a high school diploma as established by the State of Oregon Department of Education. Students wishing to participate must complete the following requirements before meeting with the Adult High School Diploma Coordinator:


  • Apply for Admission ($40 admissions fee will charge your account when you register the first term) if 18 years or older.  See below if under age 18.
  • Take Computerized Placement Tests (CPT- reading, writing, math) Available at LBCC Albany (917-4781), Corvallis (757-8944), Lebanon (259-5800), Sweet Home (367-6901). Phone for an appointment; must show ID.
  • Have high school transcripts sent to AHSD Coordinator.
  • Complete an LBCC orientation. (Date assigned after all other entry requirements are fulfilled)
  • Meet with AHSD Advisor after receiving evaluation letter to discuss options.

Entry requirements:

  • If 16 or 17 years old - take placement tests as described above; provide transcripts and schedule an appointment with the AHSD Advisor.

Course work requirements - 22 high school credits (24 beginning July 2010):
Language Arts - 3 credits (1 credit must be writing) (4 beginning July 2010)
Mathematics - 2 credits (3 beginning July2010)
Science - 2 credits
Social Sciences - 3 credits (must include US History, Government, Global Studies, and Economics)
Health Education - 1 credit
Physical Education - 1 credit
Applied Arts, Fine Arts, or Second Language - 1 credit
Electives - 9 credits
Career Related Learning Standard

Graduation requirements:

  • At least 3 college credits completed at LBCC. (Must have min 2.0 GPA)
  • Apply for graduation.  Check LBCC website for deadlines.
  • Exit proficiencies in reading, writing, and math.  See AHSD Advisor for clarification.

Quick Facts:
Academic admissions standards: Accepted scores for credit are 3, 4, or 5, depending on the subject.

Do I need to apply for admissions? Yes, if 18 years or older, and complete an orientation.

Do I have to take the Computerized Placement Tests? Yes, and in some cases score at certain levels.

Do I need to be enrolled in high school?
Yes, if 16 or 17; or be home schooled.

Is a referral or permission required? Yes. After completing the Pre-Entry Requirements, meet with the AHSD Coordinator.

Enrollment limit: None

Cost: AHSD students pay the same tuition and fees as all other students. There are no additional fees.

LBCC Contact for additional questions: Adult High School Diploma Coordinator, 541-917-4793. (Not available during summer).