What writing classes do you offer?

For a list of writing classes offered at LBCC please check the Online Schedule of Classes

I am new to LBCC, how do I know which writing class to take?

Plan to take a writing placement test before registering for writing classes at LBCC. This placement test will help you choose which writing class to take first and predict your success!  Call the Student Assessment Center at 541-917-4781 for an appointment. 

I love to write.  Can I major in creative writing?

We only offer an Associates of Science: English Literature. However, we do offer several creative writing courses as part of that program. 

I am interested in College Now credits.  What do I need to know?

Interested in College Now for English credits?  Please visit our new web page!

What are some basic guidelines I should follow when writing?

Plagiarism Guidelines Revised Spring 04

Writing Guide For Undergrads

 If you have any questions about which writing class best meets your needs, talk with your advisor or contact the English Department chair, Karelia Stetz-Waters, at 541-917-4556.