Literature Sequences

Cluster literature classes allow you to study a particular period or form of literature over several classes in more depth. Each of these classes offers three transfer credits and can be taken in any order.

ENG104, 106 Introduction to Literature
ENG107, 108, 109 Western World Literature
ENG201, 202, Shakespeare
ENG204, 205, 206 Survey of English Literature
ENG207, 208, 209 Non-Western World Literature
ENG253, 254, American Literature

Introduction to Literature Classes
ENG104 Introduction to Fiction. Study the novel and short story, emphasizing interpretation and the fiction writer's craft.
ENG106 Introduction to Poetry. Read poetry drawn from world literature, developing an understanding of poetic elements (such as poetic form, style, and imagery).

Western World Literature Classes study masterpieces from Western World literature divided into three periods:
ENG107 Classical Ages literature from the ancient world.
ENG108 Medieval Period from the middle ages to the Age of Reason.
ENG109 Modern Period from the 18th Century to the Present.

Shakespeare Classes study the major works of Shakespeare, comedies, tragedies, histories and poems. You will have an opportunity to visit Ashland or Portland to see Shakespeare productions.
ENG201 The early plays
ENG202 The middle plays
ENG203 The late plays

Survey of English Literature Classes study representative works in English literature to understand their literary worth and historical context.
ENG204: Ballads through Donne
ENG205: Defoe through the Romantics
ENG206: Bronte through Golding

Literature of the Non-Western World Classes are organized into three global areas.
ENG207 Literature of Asia covers representative works of poetry, prose and drama.
ENG208 Literature of Africa investigates literary works of tribal and colonial origin.
ENG209 Literature of the Americas includes works of Hispanic, Native American and Afro-American origin from before the Spanish conquest through contemporary writers.

Survey of American Literature studies U.S. authors from major literary periods.
ENG253: Puritanism through Civil War
ENG254: Transcendentalism through Early Realism
ENG255: Realism and Naturalism to the Present

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