What literature classes do you offer?

Some of our literature classes, Literature Sequences, can be taken over two or three terms to provide continuity and depth in a particular field.

We also offer Specialty Literature, or 'stand-alone' literature classes.  All literature classes offer three or four transfer credits.

For a list of literature classes offered at LBCC please check the Online Schedule of Classes

 Why should I study literature?

The study of literature can expand our understanding of the richness and diversity of human experience.  Studying literature makes us better writers.  Literature is fun!

 Are there prerequisites to literature classes at LBCC?

Some 200-level literature classes have prerequisites.  All 100-level literature classes strongly recommend you have WR 121 before taking the class.  Talk to the instructor if you have not taken WR 121 but still feel prepared to write and research at a college level.

 I love to literature.  Can I major in literature?

We offer an Associates of Science: English Literature.  This degree can stand alone or be used to transfer to OSU as a junior-level English major.

 I am interested in College Now credits.  What do I need to know?

Interested in College Now for English credits?  Please visit our new web page!

If you have any questions about which writing class best meets your needs, talk with your advisor or contact the English Department chair, Karelia Stetz-Waters, at 541-917-4556.