66 -- LBCC's Literary & Artistic Journal


Submission Guidelines for LBCC’s Journal of Student Poetry, Fiction and Art (“66”)

“66” accepts original, unpublished poems and short fiction (Microsoft Word only), and digital photography and art (preferably as .JPEGs) as electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents. Submission must be in a single attachment. Subject line must be “Submission of Poem/Fiction/Photography” etc. Submission e-mail must include the statement claiming you have read the submission guidelines and that the submission is original and does not contain plagiarized material.

Fiction and Poetry:

Our mission is to publish the finest LBCC short fiction (up to 1500 words) and poetry. For fiction we pay special attention to character-driven stories that examine the highs and lows of emotion and motivation from a broad variety of cultural and social perspectives. We are especially interested in more experimental narratives. Surprise us! There are no restrictions on subject, language or theme. For poetry, we aim to publish challenging, experimental and engaging works by poets here at LBCC.

Digital Art and Photography:

“66” is open to any form and any content when it comes to digital art and photography. As with poetry and fiction, we wish to publish visually striking images dealing with any subject or theme.

Please Note:

Fiction: Submit up to 2 stories.

Poetry: Submit up to three poems.

Photography and Art: Submit up to three works. Each should have a title. We strongly prefer .JPEGs as file extensions.

Include a short, third-person biographical note in your submission.

Plagiarism Policy:

By submitting your work for publication, you as contributor/author state that:

  1. You are fully aware you know plagiarism is wrong, and you know that plagiarism is the use of another person’s idea or published work.
  2. You certify that you will not allow anyone to copy your work with the intention of passing it of as her/his own work.
  3. You certify that you are solely responsible for any incomplete reference that may remain in your work. If plagiarism is found, the “66” staff will:
  4. Inform the department chair, dean or supervisor of the authors of the finding of plagiarism.
  5. The authors will be asked to write a formal letter of apology to the authors of the plagiarized work, including an admission of plagiarism.
  6. If the work is under submission, it can be automatically rejected by the editor-in-chief without further revisions and without any further investigation coordinated by the “66” staff.

Please email your submission to: lbcc.66submissions@linnbenton.edu

Deadline: February 28, 2014