LBCC offers three classes in its Introduction to the Humanities series.

  • Hum101 Intro to Humanities: Prehistory to the Middle Ages
  • Hum102 Intro to Humanities: From the Middle Ages to the Age of Revolution
  • Hum103 Intro to Humanities: From the Age of Revolution to Modern Age

You will explore the connections between the arts, ideas and human experiences through study of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, drama, dance and film from prehistory through modern times over three terms. You will visit art galleries, study sculpture and buildings, attend plays and concerts, watch films, and see slides to supplement class readings and discussion.

Humanities classes are offered each term. You may take one or all of these classes in any order.

  • Hum 101, 102, and 103 satisfy the 'Cultural Diversity' and 'Arts and Literature' requirements for the Associate of Arts (Oregon Transfer) degree.
  • Hum 101, 102, and 103 satisfies the 'Cultural Diversity' and 'Literature and the Arts' cluster requirements for the Associate of Science Oregon State transfer degree.
  • Hum101, 102 and 103 satisfy the 'Cultural diversity and global diversity' perspective requirements for the Asociate of Applied Science degree