About Plagiarism

Suggestions for Teachers Concerned About Plagiarism

First day: Talk about it! Put plagiarism statement on syllabus. If your text has a section on plagiarism, review it with your students.

  • Students need to understand this issue. The key problem is that many students do not believe they need to cite if they are paraphrasing from another source. This is an embedded belief from elementary school writing activities!

Collect a writing sample from each student at the beginning of the term. Keep the writing sample as a plagiarism check.

  • Use conferences to work with individual students. Ask questions about the paper. Discuss the changing 'voice' of the paper. Encourage the student to revise. Because this issue strikes at the heart of individual integrity, it's a delicate issue. If you need support, set up a meeting with the student, you and the department chair.

Set up assignments so students write with an 'I' voice. This strategy can help students distinguish between what they think and what they find in research. Consider requiring students to present their findings orally at the end of the term.

  • Require students to turn in copies of any research used whenever any outside sources are consulted.

Add the English Department Brochure and Writing Guidelines as supplemental materials to your Book Order.


Please talk with the English Department chair if you have any questions at all about the process we follow on this important issue.