Introduction to Faculty Support Services

In the Fall of 2005, the English Department began imagining ways that we could help faculty across campus become more comfortable and more skilled at using writing assignments in their classes, and out of this grew our Faculty Support Services. Our hope is that we can help you design, implement, and grade writing assignments in a way that helps students learn better while keeping your workload to a minimum. We offer three kinds of services: information, inspiration, and consultation.

Using writing in non-English classes can really deepen and enrich a student's learning, and it can also add significantly to the workload of the teacher. One of our goals is to provide information, tips, techniques, references, and other kinds of information to help you learn how to use writing assignments in your classes in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Sometimes a story is worth a thousand pictures (an old English teacher joke I just made up). You know that English teachers can teach writing, but what about people from other departments? In this web site we offer some profiles of non-English faculty and how they have used writing effectively in their classes, along with some stories of English faculty using writing in a "content" class like literature. We hope these stories will inspire and inform you as you refine your own approach to teaching with writing.

There's theory, and there's reality. How do you put theory into practice? We offer lots of ideas and techniques on this site, but sometimes it's best just to have a conversation with an experienced writing teacher or to exchange emails about a specific assignment. Paul Hagood, who has taught writing at LBCC for over 20 years, is available for consultation in person, or by phone and email. If you have a question or need in the technical writing area, he can also put you in touch with one of our technical writing teachers.

Please contact Paul at x4570, or email him at