Consulting Services

Consulting Support for Including Writing Assignments in Your Classes

Beginning in the Fall of 2005, the LBCC English Faculty began providing consulting and resources for faculty across campus who want support in using writing in their classes.

You can receive individual help with all aspects of creating, implementing, and assessing writing assignments in your classes on a drop-in basis, by appointment, and by email or phone.

What can we help with?
1. Designing "writing-to-learn" assignments to help students read and think about their reading assignments so they can be ready for class lectures and discussion on the material.
2. Designing assignments that will give them practice with writing tasks that are common in their field (reports, memos, letters, field notes, lab notes, abstracts, etc.)
3. Implementing assignments in a way that will help students succeed at it (explaining the audience or purpose or conventions involved, giving them preliminary deadlines or rough draft assignments, showing them examples, etc.)
4. Ways of efficiently and effectively grading and responding to writing so that you're not overwhelmed and yet can offer useful feedback.
5. Getting students to write correct English&.
6. Helping students research material and then to integrate and documents their sources.
7. Helping students avoid plagiarism, and knowing how to detect it and respond to it if they do.
8. Almost any other writing-related question or need that you have.

How it works:
Currently, Paul Hagood is coordinating this service and doing most of the consulting. You can contact him by phone or email, or drop by during office hours. He's willing to work with you in person, by email, or over the phone - whatever works best for you. If you have needs that might be better served by one of our other faculty (in technical writing, for example,) he will help you get in touch with one of our technical communications faculty.

Paul Hagood
917 - 4570
email: or on Groupwise
Please feel free to email me at any time - you might even be able to get help on a weekend!