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Liz Pearce  

Liz Pearce

Liz Pearce has taught at LBCC for over 25 years, serving first as the Director/Parent Educator of the LBCC Child Development Center/Parent Cooperative and now as a member of the Education/Child and Family Studies Department. Other work settings have included child care center, small social service agencies, children's theater and dance programs, and the K-12 school system.

Currently, Liz teaches a mixture of family development, education, and child development courses. She is passionate about creating the best possible adult education environment using a combination of technology and face-to-face teaching. She is the first Faculty Fellow of Technology at LBCC and spends about half of her time encouraging innovation with other faculty. In addition, she serves as the Department Chair of Education/Child and Family Studies.

Theorists and researchers David Elkind, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Frank Furstenberg, Stephanie Coontz, Andrew Cherlin, Diana Gittins, Mark Rank, And Kathleen Gerson/Jerry Jacobs influence her work and teaching in the areas of child and family development.

Liz lives with her partner and two teen-aged daughters. She believes in living each day with intention. This philosophy permeates both her family life and her LBCC interactions with students, where she expects students to bring their best possible selves to class. She loves to hike, sing, dance, garden, read, sew, do anything related to water sports or wine, and cook.

Her education includes a Bachelor's degree in Child Study (minor drama/dance) from Tufts University and a Master's degree in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has completed post-graduate studies at Wheelock College and Oregon State University in child and family development. She believes in lifelong learning in both the real-world and academic settings and continues to develop knowledge and skills.