Careers in Early Childhood Education

Family Child Care Provider

The requirements for people who care for children in their homes are different from those who work in child care centers.  Please see the  Early Learning Division, Oregon Department of Education for additional information and requirements. LBCC offers two resources for Family Child Care Providers. To learn more, please contact Family Connections, a regional family resource and education center, or an education adviser Advising and Resources.

In addition to knowledge about children and families, Family Child Care Providers need knowledge about business management. To learn more about the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certificate click here.

Preschool or Infant/Toddler Teacher
The Oregon Child Care Division and the Department of Education require that preschool and infant/toddler teachers in this state be qualified. There are several ways to become qualified.

Specific information on teacher qualifications can be found at the Rules for Certified Child Care Centers, Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division (2017).
Qualifications for Director, Head Teacher, Teacher and Teacher’s Aide are included.

Program Director
To become an administrator in charge of a child care center, an individual must be at least twenty-one years old and have a minimum of fifteen hours of college-level credit in child development and six months teaching experience.

Additional Information
Information on associated occupations, cost of attendance, loan debt for completers, and on-time completion rates for certificates can be found under Gainful Employment.

For more information about these careers, as well as the current employment outlook, visit the U.S. Department of Labor and Oregon Employment Department websites.

You are welcome to make an appointment at the Advising Center at LBCC.  This page will link to Career and Employment Services.  You can also call (541) 917-4780.

To learn more about Oregon teaching standards, licensure requirements, and career options for K-12 click here.