WR 090 The Write Course

(4 class hrs/wk, 4 cr) F/W/Sp/Su

Introduces writing required for effective communication. Focuses on English conventions, writing sentences, and basic paragraph writing. Prerequisite: Computerized Placement Test score.

WR 095 College Writing Fundamentals

(4 class hrs/wk, 4 cr) F/W/Sp/Su

Prepares students to successfully use the writing process (plan, draft, revise, edit, proofread); use specific, sufficient, relevant support as evidence to support ideas; effectively use appropriate writer's resources; and edit and proofread for standard English and correct punctuation. Prerequisite: Successful completion of WR 090 the Write Course ("C" or better grade) or appropriate score on the Computerized Placement Test. Recommended: Reading CPT placement into RD 115 or co-registered in RD 90.

Accelerated Learning Program In Writing (ALP)

Did you test into Writing 95? Save time and money! Sign up for the Accelerated Learning Program in Writing


  • Develop your college writing skills in a single term, skipping two terms of classes
  • Save up to $400 in tuition
  • Enroll directly into WR 121, with a support class of WR 115
  • Keep the same instructor for both classes for the term

ALP classes take focus and commitment. Are you ready? Enroll by contacting the ALP coordinator at 541-917-4573.

For more information, contact writing instructor Chris Riseley at chris.riseley@linnbenton.edu