ALS100 Applied Learning Strategis

(5 class hrs/wk, 5 cr) F/W/Sp/Su

Helps students make a successful transition into and through college. Combines reading, thinking and study strategies with personal skills needed for success in a community college. Study strategies include note taking, reading and studying textbooks, using critical thinking skills, and preparing for and taking tests. Personal success skills include taking personal responsibility and strengthening motivation, self-management and self-advocacy. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement on the reading portion of the CPT and placement into WR 090.

ALS115 Applied Learning Strategies

(4 class hrs/wk, 4 cr) F/W/Sp/Su

Develops the student's ability to comprehend, analyze and retain information from various disciplines. Students learn to become literate, active college students by developing academic strategies necessary for success in a community college or four-year college. Teaches skills for learning from lectures and textbooks, applying memory strategies, preparing for and taking tests, and managing student responsibilities. Prerequisite: CPT placement into WR 115 or successful completion of WR95.

RD 120 Critical Thinking

(3 class hrs/wk, 3 cr) F/W/Sp/Su

Students improve the quality of their thinking by applying elements of reasoning and intellectual standards. In this skill-building course, students will critically evaluate complex issues from a variety of sources and develop lifelong critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: CPT placement into RD 120 or successful completion of RD 115. Recommended: CPT writing placement into WR 121 or successful completion of WR 115.