Student Stories

Kim Burbank

Kim Burbank, Dental Assistant; works for Dr. Abigail Rollins, DMD, Salem, OR
2004 LBCC grad, Dental Assistant 

"Being a dental assistant is not just about helping the doctor. A big part of our job is giving good patient care and becoming an advocate for our patients. While job shadowing, really pay attention to the performance level and work that the assistant is doing. Dental assisting is very rewarding work. We get to see our patients leave with a smile that looks great."

Alisa Turcott

Alisa Turcott, finishing the Dental Practicum
2014 LBCC grad, Dental Assistant

"After working in the food industry for years, I decided I wanted a career where I could make a good living and have good benefits. I knew nothing about dental assisting when I started, but getting registered was really easy. Since the program is a year long and preset, you just have to fill out the application, make sure you have your prerequisite classes done, and the rest is figured out for you."

"The program is an expanded functions program, which provides more certifications, giving you a great starting point for working in the dental field. Besides general assisting, we certify orthodontics and oral surgery, and even learn to make temporary crowns. There's a list of stuff we learn to do that other general dental assistants can't do. LBCC's program also is a good jumping off point if you are thinking of going into dental hygiene or dentistry. Although it's a challenging program, the instructors are there for you 100 percent."