"I am now working full time at Pillar Consulting Engineering. I am living the dream, I have a house a wife and a job with benefits. This would not have been possible with out the drafting program and the time you and your staff poured into us students. I am surprised how similar my job is to the classes I took here at LB. I feel prepared for what ever is to come.

Thank you again Perry for all your assistance over the last 2 years"

Nathan R. Sanders, Class of 2015

"Hi Perry wanted to say thank you for helping me find a job and being such a good instructor.. Wouldn’t be here without your help and Rics as well. Thank you both. Am happy here at BHS it’s a good job and good people.."

Scott Neumann, Class of 2013

"Wanted to thank you after last week.  We are in a training session involving myself and 6 other employees.  We have been working here for 4 months or more.  We were given 3d isometric drawings with dimensions and had to make front, top, and right drawings of everything (just like you had us do in class).  We then fully dimensioned and posted our final detailed drawings and we peer critiqued each other.  Not only did the drawings stick out to my peers, but my boss was there, as well as our trainer.  It really helped give a good impression to my boss.  It was also very evident that other schools did not teach ANSI standards because everyone dimensioned differently, lol.  Also one of the guys literally said "Wow, I hope you pay him more than us."  This I think was a testimate to your teaching skills and knowledge that you passed on.  I really wanted to thank you for it. "

Scott Groff, Class of 2013

"It is just a week into my job as a Civil Drafter in Cheyenne and let me tell you that my ANSI influence is noticeable! I have been working with drawings from architectural engineers and lets just say that they need a standard!! I do wnat to say again thank you for the last two years and I do appreciate it. You and Dave do a great job prepping students for reality."

Stephen Cavanaugh, Class of 2012