Communication Focus Award

This award is designed for individuals who are interested in developing their communication skills so they can interact well with others in any workplace environment. Even in our current digital age, effective face-to-face interactions are integral to employee performance. Given the changing landscape of professional communication in the 21st century, this award addresses the timeless need for oral communication training. Recipients will acquire a solid foundation of soft skills that proves to be beneficial throughout their respective careers. 

Benefits of earning this award

  • Soft Skills: You will develop a skill set that employers highly value
  • Resume: A tangible way to demonstrate your communication competence and set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Time: If you want to develop strong communication skills, but don't have time to major or minor in Communication, this is a nice alternative
  • Cost: Your expense for this high quality program is a fraction of what many private sector programs charge


  • Comm 111: Public Speaking
  • Comm 114: Argument & Critical Discourse (formerly Comm 112)
  • Comm 218: Interpersonal Communication

*All courses must be completed with a B or higher.

Learning objectives

Students will develop the ability to:

  • Control nervousness and anxiety when speaking to others
  • Organize thoughts on the spot and speak with clarity
  • Verbally articulate their ideas promptly when called upon
  • Listen actively and respond to others in an effective manner
  • Recognize and manage nonverbal cues, including facial expressions, eye contact, vocal characteristics, and gestures
  • Communicate interest in a topic and adapt their communication style to diverse audiences
  • Participate confidently in meetings, discussions, and presentations
  • Receive, appreciate, analyze, and apply constructive criticism
  • Solve problems and negotiate conflict resolutions interpersonally and in a team environment

*This Focus Award should not be confused with a degree or certificate and is not officially recognized by the state. The award will not appear on your official LBCC transcript.

For more information on the Communication Focus Award, including how to apply for it, please contact Mark Urista.