Get Ready for your First LBCC Automotive class

Your Automotive classes will be at the Advanced Transportation Technology Center (ATTC) in Lebanon.
. Directions to the ATTC .

Required clothing

All new Automotive Technology students will be asked to purchase at least 2 Snap-on shirts.
Shirts will be available for purchase the first few days of class at the ATTC.  Budget about $40.00 per shirt.

You should have comfortable black work pants to wear every day (black jeans are fine).

Wear Safety shoes with non-slip oil resistant sole.  Steel toe is optional and in my opinion comfort is more important .  Steel toe shoes provide more protection only if you wear them every day!
For every day safety in the auto shop wear shoes with an oil resistant sole.  An oil resistant sole shoe is far less likely slip on a slightly oily floor.   You can spend a couple hundred dollars on safety shoes however I have good luck with inexpensive (under $50.00) shoes.   It is important to shop around for an affordable and comfortable safety shoe.  We encourage wearing black shoes for a professional appearance.

The cost of the Snap-on Shirts, pants and black safety shoes should be a one time expense.   You will be asked to wear this apparel the entire time you are taking Automotive classes at LBCC.

You must protect your eyes at all times when working at the ATTC.

Contact lenses are never permissible or safe to wear in the shop work environment.
If you have prescription glasses, find a way to attach reliable side shields.  This can be done by wearing larger safety glasses over small framed eye glasses, or purchasing a pair of side shields to closely fit your prescription glasses.
One local store with a good selection of inexpensive eye glass side shields is
If you can not find side shields that fit, or do not like wearing glasses covered by another pair of safety glasses, I strongly encourage you to invest in a pair of prescription safety glasses.

If you do not normally wear eyeglasses, and do not need contacts, shop around for comfortable safety glasses.   Auto parts supply stores have inexpensive and comfortable safety glasses.
LBCC asks that you not wear tinted or colored lensed safety glasses.

Not wearing safety glasses
or wearing contact lenses under safety glasses

Wearing comfortable safety glasses every day is an intelligent habit for any professional Automotive Technician.