First Year Textbook Information

CDX Light Vehicle-1 Year Access is required for your first year of Automotive Technology classes.

You may purchase a bundle that includes a printed textbook to keep for reference after the one year.
CDX Light Vehicle-1 Year Access only.

You may purchase this from the Lebanon Center bookstore or from CDX.
To order from CDX, call 800-832-0034, extension 2.

Option #1 (access to online version of textbook ends after 1 year)
CDX Light Vehicle-1 Year Access ISBN: 978-1-284-02732-7
(if ordering from CDX reference coupon code 2015KF25 for a discounted price)

Option #2 (printed textbook included with this bundle)
CDX Fundamentals of Automotive Technology - 1 year BUNDLE:
CDX Light Vehicle-1 Year Access with textbook ISBN: 978-1-284-05829-1
(if ordering from CDX reference Coupon Code: KF1 5FA TLV)

There is no required textbook for AU3.318 Maintenance and Light Repair.