Repair Policy for Student Vehicles

The diagnosis or repair of any vehicle must be directly related to the unit of instruction being studied in class.

*  Work may be performed on a student vehicle only with instructor authorization.
*  Any student working on a personal vehicle or component for more than one class meeting must complete this Contract to work on a Personal Vehicle or Component.

*  All vehicles must have this LBCC Disclaimer Release Form, signed by the vehicle owner, on its windshield while inside the shop.

*  All parts and components used in repairs must be purchased through LBCC.

*  If a replacement part poses no risk to vehicle components or occupants, this policy may be waived with instructor authorization.

*  A Parts Ordering Check Sheet must be signed prior to any part purchases.

*  The cost for any repairs will be 10% over the cost of parts.

*  The service fee will be waiver for student owned vehicles.

*  Payment for all repairs must be made prior to the vehicle being released back to the student.