How to Enroll in the LBCC Automotive Program

It is strongly recommended each student enrolling in the Automotive Technology program have a clean driving record, a valid driver's license, and proof of insurance for any vehicles they may drive to LBCC.  If you can be identified as a "High Risk Driver" it may be impossible to find employment in the automotive service and repair field.  Information on who is a High Risk Driver

#1 Complete the LBCC Application Procedure for New Students if you are not already a full time LBCC student.
          Link for Applying to LBCC
Students must be fully admitted and qualified to register for full time (12 credits) to be successful in the Automotive Technology program.
Link to More information on how to become a student at LBCC.

#2 Apply for Financial Aid unless you already have funding to attend college.
          Link to the Financial Aid Application process.
Link to More information about LBCC Financial Aid.

#3 Take the Placement Exam.
          To develop the skills and knowledge required to service today's automobiles, each student must possess or develop essential foundation skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.   To this end, a formal skills assessment instrument known as the "CPT" for College Placement Test is used to determine if each student has a reasonable probability of success as an automobile technician.
Click here for Information about the CPT
          All students must place with a CPT reading placement score of 67 or higher.  Automotive students must also place into WR095 College Writing Fundamentals and MTH050 Number Sense and Critical Thinking.   If you placed into WR090 you must complete this class before you can enroll in Automotive Technology classes.  You are permitted to re-take the CPT if you feel your test scores were too low.
          Link to CPT preparation materials.

#4 Attend a New Student Center Orientation
         After you complete the LBCC Application Procedure, an e-mail will be sent to your LBCC student e-mail. It contains a link to schedule your personal New Student Center Orientation appointment.   Using this link will make your New Student Center Orientation process much easier.
         If you have applied to LBCC but do not have this link contact the LBCC Admissions & Records Office (541) 917-4811 .  They will resend your New Student Center Orientation email allowing you to use the correct link to make this appointment.

#5 Have transportation to the ATTC in Lebanon
         Directions to the Advanced Transportation Technology Center in Lebanon.  Limited bus service is available.

#6 Contact an Automotive Technology Program Advisor.
          Students new to the Automotive Technology program should contact an Automotive Program Advisor.  Provide your new student X -nimber and request they verify your schedule.   Be sure to contact your Program Advisor for any reason!   
          Contact information for LBCC Automotive Faculty & Staff