What does it cost to take Automotive classes?

The In-state (OR, CA, ID, WA, NV) tuition and fee cost for most Automotive Technology program courses at LBCC will be approximately $145.00 per credit.  (this is calculated from Tuition & Fees revised May 12, 2016 , plus 21 percent CTE program fee,  plus $10.00 per credit lab fees for Automotive classes with a lab component.)

All students entering the program will be assessed a Tool Fee of just under $1,000.00 per quarter during the first year (3 terms) of the program.   This link to our Official Tool Policy details specific tool fee costs and options.

Automotive students should budget approximately $10,000.00 for the first three terms of the Automotive program, or to earn the One Year Certificate in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair.

The second year of our Automotive Technology program will cost approximately $6,600.00 in Tuition, Fees and textbooks. (There is no Tool Fee after the first 3 terms of our program.)

To earn the two year Associates of Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology budget $16,600.00 for tuition, fees and books.

If you need to complete math, reading, or writing classes to gain admission to our program your costs will be more.   If you already have college level transfer courses your costs will be less.

Tuition may increase during the 2 years of your education and the tool fee may also increase in the future.
The above cost estimates are accurate as of Winter 2017.