Is Automotive Technology the right career for me?

Each year a few students graduate from the LBCC Automotive Technology program only to find they do not like working in this field.   Starting wages are low, tools are expensive, work is fast paced - dirty - and demanding.   The other obstacle to making this your career is a poor driving record.  If you can be identified as a "High Risk Driver" it may be impossible to find employment in the automotive service and repair field.  Information on who is a High Risk Driver.  The good news is many students find that they love working in this field!

In Oregon, starting wages for automobile service technicians average about $11.15 per hour.   The median wage is $18.90 per hour.  Technicians who expect the median wage must have many years of automotive service experience along with ASE certification.     These statistics are from the State of Oregon Employment Department as of 7-13-2015.

Apprentice Automotive Technicians start at around $10.00 per hour.  You should plan on earning apprentice wages for your first Automotive related job after graduating unless you already have automotive work experience.

The good news from this same State of Oregon Employment Department report.   "Employment as an Automotive Service Technician in 2012 was much larger than the statewide average for all occupations.  The total number of job openings is projected to be much higher than the statewide average number of job openings for all occupations through 2022".

An integral part of our Automotive Technology program is to have students participate in Cooperative Work Experience (CWE).   To learn more about CWE visit Frequently Asked Questions about CWE  or the    CWE web site.   Bryan Schiedler is the Automotive Technology CWE coordinator.
     Information to help you find a CWE job

We encourage anyone to contact a program advisor with questions about a career in Automotive Technology or to learn more about our program.