Ford Kimpton Scholarship

2011-12 Ford Kimpton Scholarship
Women's Volleyball

The receipent of the Ford Kimpton Scholarship for the 2011-2012 year is Lindsay Verboort of Salem, OR.
The Ford Kimpton Scholarship was established in 1995 in memory of Ford Kimpton who was employed September 1974 in the Physical Education & Athletic Department as the facility coordinator until retiring in 1982. The 15-credit scholarship is available to first-year athletes who plan on returning to LBCC the following year. Qualities that the athlete should possess are dedication, commitment to his/her team, sportsmanship and strong academics.
Lindsay has been playing volleyball since middle school and being an athlete is one of her top priorities. "Without ever playing sports, I know I wouldn't have learned responsibility and leadership to the level that I practice them today", Lindsay stated in her application. "Volleyball has taught me to be a leader on and off the court." Lindsay also credits participation in athletics and volleyball for her healthy lifestyle, adherring to deadlines, and discipline with her collegiate studies. Lindsay's connection between successful completion of academics and being able to compete in volleyball is evident in her 3.63 GPA and progression towards her Bachelor of Arts degree at a four year institition.
In her letter of recommendation, Head Coach Jayme Frazier stated, "Lindsay exemplifies the ideals of the Ford Kimpton Memorial Scholarship. She is disciplined, dedicated and committed to excelling on and off the court. She is a cornerstone for our program and is a very strong candidate for this scholarship opportunity." Lindsay was one of two setters on the 2011 team. She is recognized as a team leader by coaches as well as teammates. Lindsay's leadership style is one of example and she is able to get the most from the other players as she encourages those around her to improve.