Student Stories

Jennifer McCooey

Jennifer McCooey, Accounting major

Jennifer did her research and found that starting wages with a two-year degree, or a one-year accounting degree, were significantly higher than most jobs. Every business needs some kind of accountant, says Jennifer, so there is definitely a job market out there.

"I really clicked with the concepts of accounting. And you don't have to be a math brain, either. I would say you need three things: some basic math skills, organization skills, and a good memory. If you have those things, accounting could be a good career choice for you."

"Chris Ruderman has a laid-back teaching style that I like as well. He lets you work ahead, which I like, and he will sit with you to help you figure it out if you are struggling with a concept. He also includes real-world examples that go along with what we are working on, which helps to visualize how accounting plays into business."


Chris Warriner

Chris Warriner, Accounting Technician I, OSU Department of Clinical Sciences
2012 LBCC grad, AS, Accounting Technology

Chris helps manage finances for the OSU Department of Clinical Sciences. Initially, accounting wasn't a field he was looking at. After some research on jobs most likely to have positions available, he found accounting was third on the list. Chris says that his instructor often told the class that as long as there are businesses, there will be a need for accountants. The program is challenging in a good way, says Chris, and his accounting technology degree from LBCC has really made a difference.

"I worked as a manager at Little Caesars in Albany for a few years, and did some book keeping there, which I kind of liked doing. But if felt like I had gone about as far as I could at the job. After taking an introductory accounting class at LBCC, I found that I really liked accounting, and decided to enter the program. The program took accounting to a whole new level. As I started to see the bigger picture and how everything fit, I realized it's like one great big puzzle waiting to be solved. Now, I absolutely love my job."

Angela Meyer

Angela Meyer, Accountant II, OSU Administrative Services
2010 grad, AS, Accounting Technology

Angela is responsible for accounting and payments for all campus construction in OSU's Administrative Services office. Although she started out in a temporary position, she said that it was beneficial to help gain experience. She advises other students to stick with it, because it will pay off in the end.

"One of the key things about LBCC's program is getting to network with other students. It's really important to keep in touch with classmates in the program, because in the job market sometimes whom you know can help you get your foot in the door. I really wanted to work for a school district, and here I am, partly due to one of my classmates working here. I love it here."