Program Information

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You can begin the Surgical Technician/Technologist next in Spring 2018. Once you begin, the program takes 3 terms to complete in total. Check the Apply page for current application details.

LBCC's Surgical Technician/Technologist Program is comprised of three different elements: online coursework, in-person labs, and a 360-hour total clinical practicum experience.

There are a total of 12 spots available in this program per term.


Classes for the Surgical Technician/Technologist program are predominantly held online. During the first two terms of the program, LBCC hosts occasional all-day in-person lab days on campus at the Healthcare Occupations Center in Lebanon where students attend and get some hands-on practice prior to starting their clinical site placement. Students will also have the opportunity to complete a 360-hour and 120-case externship at a clinic or hospital where they are placed during the final term of the program.

While term is running, students can complete coursework as they see fit, provided that they are finished with assigned courses with a 75% or better by the end of each term.

Students in this program receive hands-on experience in preparing patients for surgeries and prepping for surgery in a clinical setting. They receive specific training in how to communicate with patients and staff effectively, preparing operation rooms, and supply sterilization. In addition, students take a class focused on job search skills and resume building specific to the medical field in order to prepare them for work after the program has concluded.

Instructors in this program are trained medical professionals, prepared to teach with the experience and acumen to help students succeed in an operation room setting. Instructors are readily available throughout the online program via email and other methods of communication.

The following courses are required as part of the Surgical Technician/Technologist program:

   1st Term Credits
ST 100 Introduction to Surgery 3
ST 120  Digital Literacy for the Surgical Technician 2
ST 102

Medical Terminology Basics

ST 103 Communication for the Surgical Technician 2
ST 150 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
   2nd Term  
ST 101 Perioperative Patient Care for the Surgical Technician 4
ST 151 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ST 155 Microbiology for Surgical Technicians 3
ST 160 Surgical Procedures 4
  3rd Term  
ST 180 Surgical Technician Certification and Job Preparation 1
ST 190  Surgical Technician Practicum 12


As a part of this program, students will complete a 360-hour and 120-case total clinical practicum in a surgery center located in Oregon. LBCC partners with clinical sites throughout Oregon in order to give students the best experience possible. This work experience is essentially an extended job interview: students are expected to behave professionally and responsibly in the clinical setting. In addition, this experience is an excellent way for students to begin networking in the medical community.

The clinical portion of this program takes place during the final term. Students must complete at least 360 hours of clinical work in order to graduate. In addition, students must maintain a C average or better in all of their classes in order to remain eligible for their clinical practicum.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in the technological aspects of the surgical technician/technologist profession.
  • Provide surgical patient care and comfort with empathy and cultural competence.
  • Demonstrate competence in surgical technologist duties, procedures and cases.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

LBCC's Surgical Technician is a Gainful Employment program. Check the following resource page for more information:

   Gainful Employment