Polysomnographic Technicians, or sleep technicians, perform polysomnograms (sleep studies) on patients with suspected sleep disorders. Successful personality traits include the ability to work overnight, good customer service skills, and ability to work with technology.

Students who successfully complete a certificate in Polysomnography will:

  • Properly prepare Polysomnographic equipment and supplies for use in the sleep lab.
  • Properly place and secure Polysomnographic sensors and electrodes to sleep lab patients.
  • Properly input sleep study and technical information into the clinic computer.
  • Properly perform all-channel equipment calibrations.

Information on associated occupations, cost of attendance, loan debt for completers, and on-time completion rates for certificates can be found under Gainful Employment.

For more information on this career, as well as the current employment outlook, visit the U.S. Department of Labor and Oregon Employment Department websites.