Math Help

Math can be challenging. Don't let that keep you from earning your college degree!

LBCC has options to help you conquer math, including:

  • Math Boot Camp (Free) - If you tested into MTH 50 or MTH 75, brush up on math skills and have a chance to increase your placement in a one-week refresher course. 

    Boot Camp is offered one week before Fall term classes begin. This one-week refresher course is designed to help you determine if you can test higher in math.

    Course provides: 

    • An accurate placement so that which ever class you take, you are successful.
    • Save time and money
    • Brush up on forgotten skills

    Course Information
    Fall Term 2017--Cost is free
    CRN 24764
    September 18-22. 10:00-11:50 am
    WH 224, Albany Campus
    For more information, contact Hollis Duncan at

  • Math Fast Track - can help you "fill in the gaps" and test into a higher math level, or complete several levels of math in one term
  • Free Tutoring in the college Learning Center, including one-on-one
  • Math Angle - help when you need it, with tutors that help you when you get stuck