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  • Contact Disability Services

    Disability Services Office Hours
    Monday-Thursday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Location: Red Cedar Hall, Room 105 Campus Maps
    Contact Disability Services
    Voice:  541-917-4789
    Fax:  541-917-4328
    Support Lab Hours
    Is available by appointment only for students with testing accommodations

    Location: Red Cedar Hall, Room 114 Campus Maps
    Faculty or Staff who would like to discuss specific student accommodations, please contact:
    Carol Raymundo, Coordinator, ext. 4832
    New students, guests, community agencies, or diagnosing professionals:
    Current Students:
    You can ask questions to staff in the Support Lab, RCH-114; however, your coach is available to meet with you regarding the accommodations on your plan.  Coaches are available by e-mail, phone, or by appointment.