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Synopsis: Anthropology is the study of people - their origins, their development, and contemporary variations, wherever and whenever they have been found. Anthropologists strive for an understanding of the biological and cultural origins, and evolutionary development of the species. They are concerned with all humans, both past and present, as well as their behavior patterns, thought systems, and material possessions.


Career Opportunities: There are four subdisciplines of anthropology, and students will choose one or more as they move on to a four year school. They include:
   Physical (or Biological) Anthropology - deals with humans as biologic organisms
   Archaeology - attempts to reconstruct the culture of the past, most of which have left no written records
   Linguistics - focuses on the study of language in historical, structural, and social contexts
   Cultural Anthropology - examines similarities and differences among contemporary cultures of the world


Depending on the track followed while in school, career opportunities for students majoring in anthropology currently include traditional employment in higher-education institutions (e.g., faculty), in museums, and in the field (working on research projects of personal or more global interest). More recently, anthropologists have found employment opportunities outside of these traditional areas because of the ever-changing social landscape of our world. Employers who are hiring anthropologists include Hallmark Greeting Cards, The United Nations, the U.S. Military, the Nature Conservancy, the American Medical Association, General Mills Foods, and Mattel Toy Company.


Advisors for this discipline are also instructors, which means that their availability for advising will be limited and very specific.

LBCC Anthropology Advisor:
Michele Wilson


Anthropology documents and resources:
2013 - 2014 Program Worksheet for Associate of Science, Anthropology Emphasis
Interested in getting a BS, BA in Anthropology at OSU? See the course requirements and speak with an advisor.