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Digital Imaging

Program Contacts:
John Aikman, Lewis Franklin
The Digital Imaging and Prepress Technology Certificate program is dedicated to training students for entry-level positions in the printing and publishing fields.

The curriculum provides learning experiences consistent with the needs of potential employers utilizing the latest industry-standard imaging software applications in both Macintosh and PC platforms. Projects provide opportunities for students to deal with clients and to accept responsibility for deadlines and quality control. Graduates will assemble an extensive portfolio. Employment opportunities are found in a wide range of settings; print shops, service bureaus, as a member of a support team in advertising, graphic design or in-house design groups.

Student Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete the One-Year Certificate in Digital Imaging/Prepress will:

  • Develop and apply technical competencies necessary for employment in the Graphic Arts industry.
  • Demonstrate analytical problem solving in the planning and production of mechanicals for print/reproduction.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior in giving and/or getting constructive criticism and being flexible to make necessary changes.

Program Requirements
Courses are highly sequential. Only students who follow the recommended sequences for the certificate may be assured of completing the program in one year. Students in the program should anticipate expenses of $600 per term.

The graphics facilities include one graphic design and one digital imaging laboratory with both Macintosh and PC computers.  Additional equipment similar to what is found in the offices of printers, designers, illustrators, and the print media throughout the country is available. The facilities also include graphic design and fine art studios and display galleries for presenting student work and the work of other artists and designers. Facilities are handicapped accessible.