Faculty Guides to Accommodations

Guidelines for Faculty Providing Services to Students with Disabilities

A valuable resourse for all faculty that:

  • Explains instructor responsibilities
  • Describes accommodations and how they work
  • Provides approved Syllabus Statements for faculty use
  • Answers common questions


 Faculty Guide to Accommodations


Resources for Providing Services to Students with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities vary in the impact of the disability on learning.  Different disability impacts or challenges, to learning, lead to different solutions or tips for success.  The Center for Accessibility Resources has created a list of "common impacts" and a corresponding list of "Top 10 TIPS" for success corresponding to each impact.

For example, if a student has difficulty concentrating, allowing the student to take a break and walk or stand and move for 1 minute may enhance concentration immediately following.  Below you will find links to our "Top 10 Tips" for each area of common challenges.  Each "Top 10" link will describe common characteristics of that impact, top strategies for learning with that impact, and will lead you to web links if you want to learn more about teaching or learning for a student with that behavioral challenge and/or disability.  We hope you find this information of value.


1. Find the behavioral challenge or impact that matches the student
2. Click on the link to open the page of characteristics, Top 10 Tips, and web links
3. Experiment with these tips if you are teaching to a student or learning with this disability
4. Let Center for Accessibility Resources know if these pages are useful or if there are other "topics" you would like to see added.

Characteristic Pages: