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If you are interested in integrating Moodle into your teaching and desire to learn more, contact  our eLearning Systems Team at 541.917.4647 or via email.

If you already have an account you may login.

Instructor Support

Moodle Instructor Training & Resources can be found in the LBCC Moodle Instructor Lounge. This is a password-protected course site for LBCC employees who hold an Instructor role within our Moodle system. If you need access to this resource area contact the eLearning Systems Team or call 541-917-4647.

If you need of a Moodle account, please complete this form to request an account. There will be a follow up with an email with the eLearning Systems Team to indicate what instructor-oriented features you need.

Student Information/Record Disclosure: Bruce Clemetson, Admissions