Payment Options

Online:  Log in to student account on WebRunner and click on "Make a Payment".

Mail:  Send check or money order with student ID number to LBCC Business Office, 6500 Pacific Blvd SW, Albany, OR 97321.

Phone:  Credit and debit card payments are accepted over the phone.  Call 541-917-4303.

Drop box: Payment drop boxes and envelopes are located on the Albany campus in Takena Hall and Calapooia Center (in front of the Business Office).

Checks:  Checks and money orders, payable to LBCC, are accepted for the amount due only.  Two-party checks will not be accepted.  A $20 charge is assessed for returned checks.

Credit Cards:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted.  No additional fees are assessed for credit card payments.
Debit Cards:  Only debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted.  No additional fees are assessed for debit card payments.


Payment Plan

A payment plan is available to eligible LBCC students for a fee of $15 per term. Completed applications must be returned to the Business Office for approval and processing no later than the first late fee assessed date.  Failure to return the completed application by the late fee assessed date will result in late fees and holds being placed on your account.

                                                                             Payment Plan Application

  • Applications are available Online, in the Business Office, and at each of the Centers. For additional information or to verify your credit standing call 541-917-4303..

Click here to see Payment Due Dates


 Authorized Other Payer

  • An Authorized Other Payer is an individual (parent, guardian, or employer) whom an LBCC student has approved to make electronic payments on their behalf.
  • Student needs to invite an Authorized Other Payer through their WebRunner:
    • Click on the Student tab
    • Choose "Student Accounts"
    • Then "Make A Payment"
    • Where it states, “Authorize others to make payments”, choose the “Click Here” button.
    • Follow instructions to invite an Authorized payer.
  • After the student sends the invite, the Authorized Other Payer will receive an email invitation to enroll in the Other Payer Gateway.  The Other Payer Gateway can be accessed 24/7 using a unique access code and student ID.
  • Click here for the Other Payer Gateway 
  • Authorized Other Payers should pay only the current balance due.  Credit balances are refunded to the student unless payment was made by credit card, in which case, the card used will be credited.
  • Students can also grant others access to their educational records and information by completing a Disclosure Authorization.


 Agency or Company Payments

    • Arrangements for payment by an agency/company must be pre-approved by LBCC via a payment authorization. 
    • Student is responsible to ensure that payment authorizations are on file at the time of registration and for payment of any unpaid charges and late fees.  To avoid late charges, authorizations must be received by the late fee assessed date.  Once registered, student can charge books prior to the term when a payment authorization is on file.
    • An authorization is an agreement in which an agency/company assumes responsibility for payment of specified student charges.  It must indicate:
        • Student name
        • Student ID/SSN
        • Authorized dollar amount per term for tuition/fees, books/supplies, etc.
        • Agency contact person, email, phone number, and billing address
    • Submit payment authorization before or at the time of registration to prevent problems with registration and purchase of books.  Fax to 541-917-4327 or call 541-917-4311 or 541-917-4310 for additional information.
  • Tuition and other authorized charges will be billed to the agency/company after the sixth week of the term.  A $15 per student per term fee will be assessed.  If agency requests copies of bookstore receipts, an additional $15 per student per term fee will be assessed.


Financial Aid Payments:

    • Financial Aid will be applied toward any amount due LBCC before monies are released to student.
    • Financial Aid checks will be mailed or direct deposited bi-weekly beginning the second week of the term.  Students can sign up for Direct Deposit on WebRunner, Personal Information.
  • Student assumes full responsibility for tuition and fees and will be charged late fees if Financial Aid is not disbursed prior to the late fee assessed dates.  If Financial Aid is denied or canceled, student remains responsible for all charges unless student withdraws during the refund period.



    • Donors awarding scholarships should specify the following:

              Student name and ID/SSN               Restrictions, if any       Donor contact name, email, and phone number

    • Scholarships payable to LBCC should be received at the time of registration.  LBCC does not bill for scholarships.
  • NOTE: Student assumes full responsibility for tuition and fees not covered by the scholarship and will be charged late fees if scholarship is not paid prior to late fee assessment dates.