Important Information

  • Financial aid is awarded at full-time enrollment status (12 or more credits). If you enroll at three-quarter time (9-11 credits), half-time (6-8 credits) or less than half-time (5 credits and under), your aid will be automatically adjusted accordingly.
  • If you attended another college during the same academic year, you will need to submit documentation showing that your financial aid has been cancelled at your previous school.
  • Student records are private and confidential information and can only be accessed by the student. If you want your information released to another individual, you must complete the Information Disclosure Authorization Form and submit it in person, with picture identification, to the Financial Aid office. You may instead complete the Information Disclosure Authorization on your WebRunner account.
  • Warning! If you receive federal and/or state aid based on inaccurate information, you will have to pay it back. In addition, you also may have to pay fines and fees. If you purposely give false or misleading information on any documents used to determine your aid eligibility, you may be subject to a fine of $ 10,000, receive a prison term or both.